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gXyopdVR (10/15/2012)
Santa brought a bocabkard, but no bracket to attach it. We wanted one that was adjustable for our small kids and found this. It can be raised and lowered with some degree of ease using a broomstick handle. The instructions are detailed and not too hard to follow. Assembly is not easy. I would not recommend this product if you don't know how to assemble nuts and bolts or have a hard time following diagrams and such. Ultimately it takes two adults to finish the assembly as one has to lift the bocabkard and bracket to the base while the other attaches it to the base. Better yet, just find a handyman and pay him to install it. Note that if you intend to attach it to your roof, you will need to buy about 6 bolts, washers and nuts as they are not included. I would give the bracket 5 stars (not judging on the assembly though, it is moderately hard), but the bracket tends to wobble a little bit when hit hard on the side. This seems to be because of the bracket design and the fact that it is fully adjustable. For my small kids, it's fine. They won't be doing any slam dunks for a long time. But I would not want anyone trying to hang on the rim. For grown ups, get a fixed bracket that won't budge and will withstand a slam dunk or two.

Marcos - NBpHdLQnlNfYdz
gbVqiOHYNwhTMMRYx (10/13/2012)
You know what these dudes know alittle about what they are tankilg about. Ok first go with a glass backboard. Where are you going to mount the basketball hoop, It all depends. What I would do is just go to like Wal-Mart or K-mart or even Target or a sporting goods store more expensive but more variety. Don't just go for a backboard go with the whole thing it is cheaper and less pain in the butt. Also glass backboard is a regulated basketball hoop. I play basketball alot and had quit a few basketball hoops before. Glass makes it easier to play it is just better. You can kiss it off the glass with the acrylic backboard you can but no the same effect, if you play quite a bit than you know what i am tankilg about listen to me. IF you have any other questions just ask me some.

Donato - qdprtPjBrUqR
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